IGNOU Solved Assignment 2020-21

Ignou Solved Assignment 2020-21

Study Pitara Provides IGNOU solved assignment 2020-21 for June Exam 2021 and December 2021 via Video Tutorial and PDF form.

  • Submission of Ignou Assignments are Compulsory within Time Period?

    Yes! to get hall ticket of the examinations, the first work you have to do is submit the Ignou Assignment then Fill the Examination Form. without submission of the Ignou Assignments you can’t clear your semester/year.

How to Get Good Marks in Solved Assignment 2020-21:
  • Attach the page of Introduction provided by Ignou as a first page of assignment which have your name, enrolment no, Address, Study centre, programme title, course code, course title, Study centre, mobile no and email id etc.
  • Attach the Question Paper as a second page in assignment.
  • Use black and blue ball pen.
  • Write all assignments in your handwriting.
  • Keep you writing readable in the assignment.
  • Make sure you write the answer in a proper format.
  • Make Sure you attend all the questions.
  • Don’t Fill pages unnecessary.
  • Submit the assignment within the time period.

Some Wrong Perceptions of IGNOU Students regarding Assignments:

Perception of Some IGNOU Students is that the Teachers don’t check the assignments. So, it’s enough to fill pages by copy-paste with poor quality of content.
Firstly, i have to tell to those IGNOU Students that’s your totally Wrong Perception.

Secondly, Some IGNOU students have a perception that it’s enough to fill 30-50 pages without good Quality of Content. But, it’s the wrong perception.

Some Students thought that they can submit the assignment after the submission date. But believe me, they will not attend you.

In Conclusion, You have to write your assignment carefully and most importantly you have to submit within the time period also.

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